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Larry Kimmel Gets $350,000 Settlement For Injured Cyclist - Delaware Cyclists Have Rights

December 11, 2014

Larry Kimmel recently settled a case involving a cyclist who was hit by a reckless driver, getting a grand total of $350,000 in compensation. The cyclist was badly injured and had to spend days in the hospital receiving treatment for his injuries.

White-painted bikes are called ghost bikes, memorials to cyclists who have been hit.

Delaware is a great place for cyclists. The League of American Bicyclists rates Delaware as the 4th best state in the country to be a cyclist, up from 5th in 2014. Governor Markell, a cyclist himself, has noted a commitment to bike-friendliness and even made cycling our official state sport.


Despite attempts to make cycling safer, cycling accidents still occur. Delaware has one of the longest exclusive bicycle highways in the United States, but the lack of exclusive lanes in high-traffic areas means that cyclists often have to negotiate with heavy motor vehicle traffic in the same lanes. The increase of bicycle traffic is an unexpected addition to the road that many motorists don’t anticipate. Combine that with reckless and negligent driving, and the amount of damage that a careless motorist can cause to a cyclist is grave.


Kimmel Carter stands behind bicyclists who were injured by negligent drivers. Our firm is dedicated to helping all injury victims including cyclists. If you were injured in a bicycling accident, we offer free initial consultations and contingent fee arrangements, so you don’t pay our fee until you win.


If you wish to ride your bike to our office, we suggest that you lock your bike in the stairwell accessible from the parking lot at ground level that leads up to the main entrance to the building. If you are taking the bus, DelDOT Bus 23 offers the shortest walk to the building.

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