Melissa Abbott

Legal Assistant 

Legal Assistant to Jennifer Donnelly

(302) 565-6113

Stephenie King, paralegal to Ed Carter, Tom Roman, and Heather Long.

Paralegal to Multiple Attorneys

(302) 565-6116


Stephenie King

Stephanie Armstrong


Paralegal to Lawrance Kimmel

(302) 565-6106

Delaware Paralegal Stephanie Armstrong. Stephanie specializes in car accidents and workers' compensation

File Clerk to Lawrance Kimmel

(302) 565-6118

File Clerk

Deborah Lemke

Legal Assistant to Edward B. Carter

(302) 565-6133

Legal Assistant 

Bonnie Baldwin

File Clerk to Multiple Attorneys

(302) 565-6118

File Clerk

Kwana Chase

Former Miss Delaware, Morgan Civita

Assisting Multiple Attorneys

(302) 565-6118

File Clerk/Office Administrator

Morgan Civita

Steven Clark

Case Data Entry

Data Entry 

Steven Clark

Kelly Criconi, legal assistan to Emily Laursen. Specializing in workers' comp and car accidents

Legal Assistant to Emily Laursen

(302) 565-6134

Legal Assistant

Kelly Crisconi

John Leonard file clerk with Kimmel Carter, Delaware's larges personal injury and workers compensation lawfirm.

Assisting Multiple Attorneys

(302) 565-6118

File Clerk

John Leonard

Linda Leonard is the legal assistant to Tom Roman.

Legal Assistant to Thomas J. Roman

(302) 565-6112

Legal Assistant

Linda Leonard

Legal Assistant to William R. Peltz

(302) 565-6110

Legal Assistant

Jenifer Lewis

Beth Lineberry is a paralegal to Larry Kimmel. Beth specializes in Workers' Comp and Personal injury

Paralegal to Lawrance Kimmel

(302) 565-6122


Beth Linberry

Directly Assisting Lawrance Kimmel

(302) 565-6121

Law Clerk

Linda Malkin, Esq.

Finance/Day-to-Day Operations/HR

(302) 565-6114

Business Manager

JoiAnn Marino

Darlena Edwards, paralegal to Jonathan O'Neill. Specializing in Work injuries and car accidents

Paralegal to Jonathan B. O'Neill

(302) 565-6107


Darlena Edwards

Legal Assitant to Lawrance Kimmel. Josette specializes injured workers and car accidents

Legal Assistant to Lawrance Kimmel

(302) 565-6128

Legal Assistant

Josette Fletcher

Legal Assistant, Charnise Sell

Legal Assistant to Lawrance Kimmel

(302) 565-6151

Legal Assistant

Charnise Sell

Meghan Sibiski, law clerk at Kimmel Carter, Delaware's largest firm dedicated to injured victims.

Assisting Multiple Attorneys

(302) 565-6121

Law Clerk

Meghan Sibiski


Legal Assistant to Sean P. Gambogi

(302) 565-6105

Legal Assistant

Kristina Stuckert

Paralegal to Sean P. Gambogi

(302) 565-6117


Christine Gillan

Paralegal to Jonathan O'Neill

(302) 565-6111

Ana Gomez


Samatha Subda is a legal assistant to Heather Long

Legal Assistant to Heather A. Long

(302) 565-6120

Legal Assistant

Samantha Subda

Legal Assistant to Brian S. Legum

(302) 565-6108

Legal Assistant

Iris Torres

Amy Handling, legal assistant to Jonathan O'Neill. Amy specializes in workers' comp and car accidents.

Legal Assistant to Jonathan B. O'Neill

(302) 565-6129

Legal Assistant

Amy Handling

Amanda Huff, law clerk of Kimmel Carter, Delaware's largest personal injury law firm.

Assisting Multiple Attorneys

(302) 565-6121

Law Clerk

Amanda Huff

Sharon Weaver is the first point of contact for Kimmel Carter. Sharon has been with the frim for over 20 years.

Front Desk Reception/Office Administrator

(302) 565-6100


Sharon Weavor

Paralegal to William R. Peltz

(302) 565-6130


Stephanie Wilson

Jordan Hutchinson, public relations director of Kimmel Carter, Delaware's largest personal injury and workers' comp law firm.

Marketing/Events/Talent Acquisition

(302) 565-6109

Director of Public Relations

Jordan Hutchinson

Phone: (302) 565-6100 (call or text)

Fax: (302) 565-6101 


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