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How Do You Pay a Personal Injury Attorney?

Percentages may vary from firm-to-firm, with some firms charging 40% or higher. At Kimmel Carter, our attorneys’ only take a 33.33% of client settlements. For example, if your case is to settle for $50,000, the attorney’s fee would be $20,000 rather than $16,500. Unlike other law firms, Kimmel Carter Only collects 33.33% of your overall settlement regardless of what phase of your case you collect your settlement. Kimmel Carter feels it is important to always have its interests aligned with its clients, and if we increased our attorney fee just by filing suit, we do not feel our interests would always be consistent with our client’s interests. Therefore, our attorney fee remains 33.33% throug

Common Misconception Following a Crash

A common misconception following a car crash is to immediately take legal action against the at-fault driver. Personal Injury Protection, better known as PIP, is “no-fault” coverage and required in most states. No fault coverage means that regardless of which driver was at fault, medical expenses and lost wages for all occupants in your car may be covered by insurance. PIP coverage pays medical expenses that are reasonable, necessary and casually related to the accident as well as net loss of earnings. PIP may also pay substitute services, such as lawn care and household upkeep. Personal Injury Protection has limits and can be exhausted in the early phases of medical treatment due to costly


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