Delaware Snowfall Traffic Statistics

Delaware Snowfall Traffic Statistics

The New Year brought weather that has been setting record numbers. Record lows of three degrees, zero degrees, and twelve degree highs have brought on the miserable weather we are dealing with. Delaware has accumulated a height of 11.4 inches in the southern portion of Sussex County. With the ‘bomb cyclone’ snowfall come treacherous roadways all throughout Delaware.

With freezing temperatures, frozen tarmac, snowfall, and wind gusts, traffic accidents have now amplified throughout every Delaware County. Delaware State Police responded to 46 crashes across the state in the last forty-eight hours.

Car wrecks by county:

New Castle County: 39

Kent County: 11

Sussex County: 13

Fifty mile per hour winds during snowfall directly effect visibility for drivers. Following the snowfall, driving is still unsafe due to the wind gust. Snow being blown around from roofs, medians, and other cars still pose a threat to visibility. Sussex County issued a Level 2 Driving Restriction, allowing only designated vehicles with essential personnel on roadways.

With the upcoming weekend looking relatively clear, the predicted forecast for Monday offers some daunting weather. A winter mix of rain, snow, and ice will undoubtedly pose a threat for travel. If the upcoming weather is anything like the most recent “Bomb Cyclone” we have experienced, stay off of the roadways unless absolutely necessary. If a driving restriction is issued, those who do not obey the orders could be cited with a $200 fine or 30 days of jail time. Insurance companies still cover drivers who make the decision to brave the elements; however, your insurance company will only cover up to your policy’s limits. Be mindful of your vehicle’s capabilities and your own abilities as a driver before making the decision to take on the roadways.




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