2018 Ales for Tales

Last weekend Kimmel Carter had the privilege of sponsoring an informative and interesting event. Hosted by the Ocean View Police Department and Delaware State Police, the goal was to raise funds for essential medical training for canine officers. There are currently 50 Delaware K9 teams throughout all branches of Delaware Law Enforcement Agencies.

In 2016, Delaware State Police lost five canine teams due to death or early retirement. Canine medical training will help officers address any medical concerns to a canine officer. There are currently 50 different K9 teams across the State of Delaware. Each K9 team falls under the Delaware State Police training unit.

Canine officers go through a 12-week training and bonding program with police officers. Canines allow police officers to do their work faster, more efficiently, and safer. Sometimes preventing death or serious injury to the police officer. With a canine on the scene, suspects are more likely to surrender with less or no confrontation.

Canine officers provide tremendous benefits to law enforcement officers throughout the State. Thank you to the Fraternal Order of Police and 16 Mile Brewery for putting this event together. We are proud to support Delaware’s Law Enforcement, and are very excited to sponsor our four-legged and furry officers for the future.



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