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Motorcycle Crash Leaves Rider Dead

A 23-year-old Newark man died on Thursday, April 23rd after a crash in Bear.

The man was riding on a Yamaha motorcycle on Pulaski Highway approaching a green light when he was struck by a Jeep Cherokee who pulled into the intersection.

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation has found certain risk factors for crashes or near-crashes. In the table below, intersection Influence increases crash or near crash risk by 40.7%.

It’s Not Just the Motorcyclist

The most common vehicles on the road include cars, trucks, vans, and 18-wheelers. Most drivers are not on the lookout for motorcycles. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration notes that when motorcycles and other vehicles collide, it is usually the other (non-motorcycle) driver who violates the motorcyclist's right of way.

Why do drivers often violate motorcyclists' right of way?

  • Motorcycles are relatively small and drivers don't see them

  • Drivers don't anticipate motorcycles' movements

  • The driver's view of the motorcyclist is obstructed, often by the vehicle's blind spots or other vehicles

  • The driver is distracted

  • To learn about the top causes of vehicle accidents, click here.

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