Kimmel Carter is Proud to Support the SPCA of Delaware

Kimmel Carter is honored to support the SPCA of Delaware on this year’s National Homeless Animals Day

The SPCA of Delaware has been servicing animal of Delaware since 1873. The SPCA of Delaware has gotten over 1000 animals off the street and into loving homes. They pride themselves on preventing animal cruelty and finding animals loving homes. The SPCA offers a variety of services to help any animal in need. They range from adoption, veterinary care, and even operating its own pet food pantry.

The mission, vision and goal of the SPCA of Delaware is to prevent cruelty to animals. They bring their mission to live through programs that provide shelter and adoption for homeless and unwanted pets. They also reduce pet overpopulation through affordable spay/neuter services. They enable pet retention by providing low cost veterinary services.

Kimmel Carter is honored to sponsor this annual event, which encourages people to thank and assist their local animal shelters.



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