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#ForTheFounder -21st Annual Blue-Gold All-Star Games

The 21st Annual Blue-Gold All-Star Basketball Games will be held at the new 76ers Fieldhouse in Wilmington on March 16, 2019. Since 1999, we have had the privilege of highlighting the top 30 male and 30 female seniors representing upstate and downstate Delaware. It is a wonderful opportunity to recognize these student-athletes in their final time on the high school basketball stage in Delaware. The players on the Blue Teams represent northern Delaware schools and the players on the Gold Teams represent southern Delaware schools in this highly visible celebration of high school basketball.

The legacy of Blue-Gold Basketball is certainly the memories created for players, families, and fans, but for 20 years, we have also been able to generate awareness and funds for organizations supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

This will be the first year that Kimmel Carter founder, Morton Kimmel will not be a part of the Blue-Gold All-Star Games. Mort Kimmel founded the games in 1999 in hopes to bring Delaware’s basketball community closer while raising money for charity. Blue-Gold Basketball was Mort Kimmel’s passion project. Mort wanted the 60 high school seniors and the Best Buddies to have a full week of experiences. Dover Day educated the student-athletes on law, where they were announced and recognized on the Legislative Floor during a live House of Representatives Session. Mort made sure that each year the student-athletes participating in the games left with not only memories, but knowledge. Mort loved hoops and loved supporting Delaware athletes chasing their dreams of playing collegiate basketball. Mort invited collegiate coaches to the Blue-Gold All-Star Games in hopes that senior would be recruited to play at the next level.

Mort Kimmel provided opportunities for high school seniors to play basketball in college, raised money for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and brought Delaware’s hoops community together. Mort wanted nothing more than to help people in need while bringing the top senior student-athletes together for their final high school performance.

This year, Managing Partner Larry Kimmel and the rest of the Kimmel Carter family will continue the legacy of Mort Kimmel by hosting the Games for yet another year. Join us to celebrate Mort Kimmel’s passion project that is Blue-Gold All-Star Basketball. Buy your tickets today and be part of the 21st annual Blue-Gold Celebration.

Click here to purchase tickets or support the Games: 21st Annual Blue-Gold All-Star Games


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