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Kimmel Carter is proud to sponsor this year’s Delaware State Police DUI training

Kimmel Carter is proud to sponsor this year’s Delaware State Police DUI training. The training will be done by none other than Kimmel Carter’s own Patrick C. Wenk. Kimmel Carter attorney Patrick C. Wenk is a retired Delaware State Trooper who spent twenty years serving the citizens of Delaware. During his tenure with the state police, Mr. Wenk specialized in traffic law and DUI enforcement. Mr. Wenk is a certified National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) DUI instructor and led DUI training at the state police academy for over a decade. The DUI training has both classroom and hands on aspects that are instrumental in training police recruits how to properly conduct a DUI investigation. As part of the DUI training, civilian volunteers consume varying amounts of alcohol. The police recruits are then given the opportunity to use the knowledge obtained in the classroom, on people who have actually consumed alcoholic beverages. This training is invaluable and allows for the most real-life training possible in a controlled setting. The training allows the Delaware State Police Academy to produce the most highly trained DUI investigators possible with real-life experience under their belts before they are tasked with the responsibility of keeping Delaware roadways safe for all of us.



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