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Kimmel Carter is proud to Support Jewish Family Services of Delaware

This logo is for the Jewish Family Services of Delaware. They support the Delaware Community with counseling services for every individual background.

The Kimmel Family has supported Jewish Family Services for over 20 years, and we are honored to dedicate week 3 of Kimmel Carters #52weeksofgiving to this charity.

Jewish Family Services has a longstanding mission to provide counseling and support services which strengthen the well-being of the individual, family and community, based on Jewish values.

When founded over 120 years ago, its goal was to uplift members of the Jewish community by alleviating the suffering of the less fortunate and to assist them to become self-supporting.

Jewish Family Services has the unique privilege of representing the tzedakah (justice), compassion, and loving kindness of the Jewish people to the broader community.

Jewish Family Services continues to evolve, yet its core mission has never changed. It supports people of all background by assisting families through life transitions, helping youth grow stronger, and ensuring the safety and dignity of older adults.

Kimmel Carter is proud to support Jewish Family Services and our Delaware Community.


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