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Associate Brian Legum Receives Prestigious Award for Service to Hispanic Community

Congratulations to bilingual associate Brian Legum for receiving the prestigious Delaware Hispanic Award for 2016.

The annual Delaware Hispanic Awards recognizes individuals and organizations that “are going the extra mile” to serve Hispanics and Latinos in Delaware.

According to the selection committee, Brian was chosen to receive the 2016 award for his work improving access to essential services for Spanish speakers throughout the state. Brian accepted his award during the DHA ceremony at the Grand Opera House in Wilmington on April 1, 2016.

A bilingual workers’ compensation and personal injury lawyer at Kimmel Carter, Brian is committed to educating Spanish speakers about their rights when they get into a car accident or are injured at work.

No matter what language they speak, many victims of work accidents are unaware of their workers’ compensation rights under Delaware law, and can have trouble getting their claim accepted by their employer’s insurance provider. Claimants may be entitled to payment for medical expenses related to their injury, payment of lost wages if they are forced to miss work due to their injury, and other benefits, including compensation for the loved ones of those killed in work accidents. The language barrier for Spanish speakers creates an additional challenge throughout the work injury claims process, as well as during a personal injury suit.

To ease that process for the Hispanic community, Brian works with clients one on one and in their language, rather than using a translator. Bilingual Legal Assistant Iris Torres rounds out the firm’s Spanish-speaking legal team.

Since he started as an associate with Kimmel Carter, Brian has come to be seen as a fixture and an important resource in the Latino community in Delaware. In February, 2015, Brian appeared on a bilingual program on WITN Wilmington to discuss issues related to workers’ comp benefits and Spanish speakers, including the misconception that filing a workers’ compensation claim can threaten the status of undocumented workers. As he explained on the program, workers’ compensation is totally separate and distinct from a workers’ immigration status, and any discussion a claimant has with their lawyer is completely confidential.

A graduate of Columbia University with a degree in Spanish language and literature, Brian has been interested in the Spanish language since his childhood in Florida. He says he has always been impressed by the work ethic displayed by individuals in the Hispanic community and especially by his clients.

Brian has also given presentations on the intersection of technology and the legal field, and is a member of the Supreme Court of Delaware Commission on Law and Technology.

Why Kimmel Carter

Brian’s bilingual legal services are backed by the strength and expertise of Kimmel Carter, where a legal team with over 190 years of combined experience has been serving clients in and around Delaware since 1972.

Call us today at 302-565-6100 for a free consultation, and remember, you will not get charged unless we win your case.


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