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Kimmel Carter Provides Initial Support for Wilmington Crime Fighting Project

Recently, the firm provided the first donation for a new project aimed at reducing illegal activity in high crime neighborhoods in Wilmington.

Kimmel Carter Founding Partner Morton Kimmel is leading the plan, which calls for the installation of high-tech, crime detection cameras in select areas of the city, starting with the Woodlawn Trustees’ Eastside Rising development.

Equipped with the ability to follow movement, zoom in on command, and to adjust to the needs of the user, the innovative cameras are intended to provide police with footage that will help them to catch wrongdoers and to cut down on future incidents of crime. Video feeds from the cameras can be sent directly to devices in patrol cars and to officers’ cell phones.

The firm contributed the first $5000 towards the project, which Mr. Kimmel, a longtime supporter of efforts to better Wilmington, unveiled at Delaware’s Emergency Response Protocol Headquarters in November. Additional funding will come from the First State Police Foundation, a charitable organization founded by Kimmel, along with other business leaders and law enforcement groups, to support Delaware police departments through private donations and fundraising.

Wilmington Mayor Dennis Williams told The News Journal that the type of “no strings attached funding” that Kimmel Carter pledged will make it easier for law enforcement and city officials to fight crime effectively, compared with obtaining funds through the typical bureaucratic process. With the Eastside Rising neighborhood as an example, project leaders hope that the new state of the art cameras will eventually be installed throughout the city, leading to an overall decrease in crime and a safer living environment for all Wilmington residents.

The team at Kimmel, Carter, Roman, Peltz and O’Neill is committed to making Delaware and the surrounding region a better place through charitable giving, volunteer work, board commitments and participation in justice-focused organizations like the Delaware Trial Lawyers Association. The firm’s leadership prioritizes nonprofit contributions and Kimmel Carter’s partners and associates are actively involved with causes like Blue-Gold All-Star Basketball, Cancer Care Connection, and the Ronald McDonald House of Delaware.


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