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Kimmel Carter Wins Family Business Award

Carter is pleased to announce the firm has been given the “ Mid-Sized Family Owned Business Award” by Delaware Business Times. A multitude of different factors are judged to determine the winner: 1) involvement within the community; 2) press received throughout the year; and, 3) the number of generations the business has been in the family. The “Family Owned Business Awards” are broken into 3 separate categories; small-sized businesses (fewer than 25 employees), medium-sized businesses (26-100 employees), and large-sized businesses (100 + employees). Kimmel Carter was fortunate enough to win the medium-sized “Family Owned Business Award”.

Kimmel Carter is honored to have received this award from the Delaware Business Times. The firm fully embodies the family business ideology. Mort Kimmel founded the firm in 1972. Mort Kimmel’s son, Larry Kimmel, is now the active managing partner of the firm. When establishing Kimmel Carter, Mort Kimmel built a family feeling and sense of community atmosphere. Forty-five years later, Larry Kimmel has continued to provide that same feeling here at the firm.

Despite over 40 full-time employees, Kimmel Carter could not be a closer knit group. In addition to the regular work day, the firm gathers together outside of business hours throughout the year. Whether it is a Blue Rocks game, charity event, office party, or company softball game, we know how to have fun. That is what brings the family feeling to the firm and keeps this family close.

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