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Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

Kimmel Carter proudly supports those who protect our everyday safety in law enforcement. Partner, Mr. Roman, joined the firm in 1983 after having an exceptional career in law enforcement. After joining the Delaware State Police in 1964, Roman climbed the ranks being named Corporal in 1970. By 1978, Mr. Roman was named Captain of the Delaware State Police.

After joining the firm, Mr. Roman had the same mindset of putting people first, and still does. With more than 36 years of experience in law, Mr. Roman is a knowledgeable and skilled attorney. Mr. Roman continues to represent injured police officers, and he is actively involved in Delaware’s law enforcement community through his activities with Delaware Crime Stoppers and the Delaware Police Chiefs’ Foundation.

Mr. Roman’s representation of police officers has brought on a close relationship between Kimmel Carter and law enforcement. The Kimmel Carter staff has friends, family, and loved ones in law enforcement. We greatly appreciate what you do, not only today but every day.


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