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Delaware's Traffic Season

We are in the window of “Delaware’s Deadliest 100 Days,” the time between Memorial Day and Labor Day. School is out of session, teens are on the roadways, and tourists are traveling down Route 1 South to the Delaware Beaches.

Last summer was absolutely tragic on Delaware roadways. A single accident following the Fourth of July weekend (July 6, 2018) shook the State of Delaware to its core. The Trinidad Family was on Route 1 North following their annual summer vacation in Ocean City, Maryland. An out-of-control heavy-duty pickup truck crossed the median and struck the Trinidads’ family van, killing 5 people. Nine days later (July 15, 2018), another two fatal accidents were reported. One cyclist was struck and killed in Felton followed by the death of a motorcyclist in Laurel. A day later (July 16, 2018), another fatal accident in Millsboro sent 4 people to the hospital in critical condition.

One of Delaware’s biggest events, Firefly Festival, is expected to attract 60,000. The majority of Firefly attendees are between 18-24 years old, flooding Delaware roadways with inexperienced drivers.

In efforts to alleviate the hectic traffic, Delaware Online Facebook Page provides updates on when musical acts finish their set, go on stage, and when to expect heavy traffic or potential pedestrians. For Dover area residents, staying up-to-date with the Firefly schedule can make it much easier to get around the dreadful traffic surrounding this event.

For those coming from out-of-state to attend Firefly or vacation at Delaware’s beaches, new traffic patterns may throw off younger drivers. Confusion on Delaware roadways can lead to detrimental traffic crashes in lower Delaware.

Be mindful of traffic this summer. Give space to those with out-of-state license plates. Leave one car length for every ten miles an hour. For example, if you are traveling 60 miles per hour, you should have six car lengths between you and the car in front of you. This will give you time to react to unexpected occurrences. If you are injured in a car or motorcycle crash this summer, be sure to contact one of our attorneys at Kimmel Carter.


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