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Head on Crash Kills Mother, Injuries Child on Saturday Night

A truck driver was illegally passing traffic on the grassy median when the driver lost control and drove to the opposing side of the roadway.

The driver of the Ford F-350 was trying to pass a traffic jam in the south lanes of Rt. 301 when the driver lost control trying to merge onto the roadway. The F-350 hurdled into the northbound lanes, hitting a Grand Caravan which carried a 34-year old mother and her 10-year old child.

Mother and child were rushed to the hospital, where the mother was pronounced dead, and the child is being treated for non-life threatening injuries.

According to police, the driver of the Ford F-350 was not injured in the crash.

Had the negligent driver obeyed traffic laws, remained patient, and employed common sense, this tragedy would have been avoided.

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