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Amazon Named Among the “Dirty Dozen” for Dangerous Work Conditions

The National Council for Occupational Safety and Health has released its 2019 “Dirty Dozen” Report.The severity of injuries to workers; exposure to unnecessary and preventable risk; repeat citations by relevant state and federal authorities; and activity by workers to improve their health and safety conditions are all reasons for inclusion in this report.

This is Amazons 2nd year on this infamous list.

There were six worker deaths in the 7 months spanning from 2018-2019, for a total of 13 deaths since 2013. While these 6 workers were contract employees for Amazon, the proper precautions were not taken to ensure these employees safety, and resulted in preventable deaths.

Injuries Affect Employees’ Livelihood

Safe work conditions in Amazon warehouses have been questioned. Workers have complained that they are not allowed to go to the restroom, and in some cases, workers urinated in Coca-Cola bottles for fear of being penalized for taking a break.

In Vicki Allen’s case, Mrs. Allen alleged that she sustained injuries while working at Amazon, resulting in homelessness. She injured her back while counting inventory, which was placed on shelving that was missing safety equipment. She reported her injury, and management required she drive 60 miles to work each day, only to send her home without pay because she was injured. This was her first of 2 injuries. She filed for worker’s compensation and began therapy. After a few more months, she was cleared to work – until she was reinjured at the same workstation for the same reason: lack of safety equipment.

In the report, it is alleged that after her injuries were confirmed by an MRI, Amazons workers compensation insurer forced the company doctor to drop her as a patient. Furthermore, Mrs. Allen alleged management offered her a week of paid leave and $3,500 as reparation. Allen denied the offer.

What to do

Amazon has two warehouses in Delaware, employing roughly 3,000 residents.

It is crucial to have legal representation when your employer neglects your health, safety, and well-being. If you have been injured on the job, contact your Delaware personal injury lawyers at Kimmel, Carter, Roman, Peltz, & O’Neill.


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