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Walk Left, Ride Right

The warm weather of the summer months inspires us to walk, run, and bike, and sometimes sidewalks are not available on our routes.

It is crucial for pedestrian and biker safety to follow the laws: walk against traffic, and bike with traffic.

While walking against traffic may seem dangerous, it actually allows you to make eye contact with motorists, make quicker decisions for your safety, and determine which motorists do not see you.

Child Safety

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, children under 10 years old should be accompanied by an adult or with someone who will make sure they walk safely.

If you’re walking:

  • Use the sidewalk whenever possible, and if there isn’t a sidewalk, walk on the edge of the street facing traffic.

  • Whenever they are available, use marked crosswalks to cross the street, and look left-right-left for vehicles or bikes before crossing.

  • Make sure you never play, push or shove others when you walk around traffic.

  • Everyone should watch the road, not their phones.

As a pedestrian, it is crucial to look all ways before crossing the street. Some motorists may swerve around other cars which have stopped to let you cross safely, increasing your risk of getting hit.

Cyclist Safety

When biking, however, you are considered another vehicle on the road. Riding on the right. Your goal is to blend in with the traffic and help it flow easily. Remember these tips from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration when you decide to ride your bike:

  • Be focused and alert to the road and all traffic around you

  • Drive with the flow, in the same direction as traffic.

  • Obey street signs, signals, and road markings, just like a car.

  • Assume the other person doesn’t see you; look a head to avoid hazards that may cause you to fall, like toys, pebbles, potholes, grates, train tracks.

  • No texting, listening to music or using anything that distracts you by taking your eyes and ears or your mind off the road and traffic.

It is important to note that parents walking alongside their children riding bikes should be on the left side of the road. It is important that motorists see both you walking and your child riding their bike and as the adult, you can make quick decisions and make eye contact with drivers.

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