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Pedestrian safety

A 9 year old girl was struck by a vehicle on East Cleveland Avenue on July 11th.

A Virginia man crashed into a pedestrian, who succumbed to his injuries a few days later.

A 12 year old child was struck by a distracted driver while she was crossing the street to board her school bus. She was taken to a nearby hospital and treated for her injuries.

A 20 year old Wilmington man was struck and killed in the early morning on Route 273. He was not wearing reflective clothing or had a light, and was not walking in the crosswalk.

It is crucial to pay attention to our surroundings, on the road and off of it. Car accidents, resulting life-changing injuries and even death, only take a few moments to alter the course of our lives. It is important to be aware of our fellow commuters, on foot or on wheels, to ensure everyone gets to their intended destination safely.

These tips from AAA serve as a helpful reminder:

  • Make sure your lights are on and you use your signals properly, especially in inclement weather. Use extra caution in these circumstances.

  • Follow posted speed limits at all times, especially in areas of heavy pedestrian traffic. Keep this especially in mind when traveling through school zones and neighborhood streets where pedestrians may appear suddenly.

  • Be mindful of pedestrians when pulling into and out of driveways, and parking spots. If you have a rear view camera, make good use of it.


  • Do not pass vehicles stopped at a crosswalk. They have stopped to allow pedestrians to pass or make sure the way is clear.

  • Always yield to pedestrians in a crosswalk.

  • When you are stopped at a crosswalk, allow enough room between your vehicle and the crosswalk so other drivers can see the pedestrians you have stopped for.

Do Not Drive Under the Influence

  • Alcohol and drugs impair your reaction time, reflexes, decision-making skills and overall cognitive functions. Getting behind the wheel while impaired puts everyone in danger.

Tips for Pedestrians:

  • Wear bright colors during the daytime, and light-reflective clothing at night.

  • Stay in well-lit areas, especially when crossing the street. If possible, make eye contact with drivers in stopped vehicles to ensure they see you before you cross in front of them.

Stay Alert – Avoid Distractions

  • Always be alert when you are crossing the street. Ensure that drivers see you and have stopped. Stay alert and watch out.

  • Put down your phones, which take your eyes off of the road and distract your attention.

  • Don’t wear headphones. Your sight and hearing are the two best ways to keep you safe.

Follow the Rules

  • Know and follow all traffic rules, signs and signals. You need to be aware of the rules vehicles around you must follow to properly anticipate what drivers will do.

  • Never assume a driver will give you the right of way. Try to initiate eye contact, or see if the driver waves you along to ensure that they see you.

Walk in Safe Places

  • Use crosswalks when crossing the street. If a crosswalk is unavailable, cross in a well-lit area of the street, and allow yourself plenty of time to cross safely.

  • Stay on sidewalks whenever possible. If a sidewalk is not available, walk on the far side of the road facing traffic. This allows you to see oncoming vehicles, and gives the drivers a better chance of seeing you.

  • Read more about safely walking and biking on the road here (link to walk left/ride right blog)

  • Avoid walking along highways or other roadways where pedestrians are not allowed.

Avoid Alcohol Consumption

  • Almost half of all traffic crashes resulting in pedestrian casualties involve alcohol consumption. Of that half, 34% was due to the pedestrian. Alcohol or other drugs impair your judgement no matter if you are behind the wheel or on your feet.

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