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Kimmel Carter is a proud supporter of the ETC 34s Inc. Lacrosse team.

The program’s mission is to enhance the lives of underrepresented youth through the benefits of playing lacrosse. We congratulate the class of 2025 team for being ranked #1 in the state of Delaware.

Founding Partner of Kimmel Carter, Morton Kimmel (1940-2018), co-founded the ETC 34s Inc. alongside James Gilliam and founder/ general manager/ coach, William Atkins. Today, Morton Kimmel’s initials, MRK, are seen on top of the lacrosse teams' helmets.

“Our helmets also honor the lives and legacies of two extraordinary and extremely inspirational men who significantly enhanced the lives of underrepresented people in Wilmington, Delaware,” says the lacrosse team’s website.

For more information about the ETC 34s lacrosse program, visit

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