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Motorcycle Safety

Two separate motorcyclists died this Sunday. This marks the 5th motorcyclist's death since Friday.

Safety Tips to Consider

One of the most common reasons drivers give for cutting off or pulling out in front of a motorcycle is that they “didn’t see it.”

AAA, Delaware Office of Highway Safety, and Delaware State Police all recommend the following tips:

Helpful tips for bikers

  • Reduce speeds and/or maintain safer speeds

  • Keep headlights and taillights on at dusk, nighttime, or rainy weather

  • Stay 3-4 seconds behind a vehicle they intend to pass, check oncoming traffic from the left side of the lane, signal the intention to turn and then check for oncoming traffic before passing.

  • Check their rearview mirror and quickly turn their head to ensure the vehicle is a safe distance behind them when completing a pass.

  • Wear helmets that meet a high protection standard.

  • Wear proper clothing, eyewear, and sturdy, closed-toe footwear.

Helpful tips for motorists

  • Be extra cautious on weekends, when more motorcyclists take to the road.

  • Provide motorcyclists adequate room to maneuver. Follow at least three to four seconds behind them.

  • Allow extra maneuvering room in areas with potholes, pavement transitions, and railroad crossings. Motorcyclists may need to slow down, stop or adjust their lane position.

  • Never try to share a lane with a motorcycle. Motorcycles have the same right to lanes as any other vehicle.

  • If a motorcycle is nearby, check your mirrors carefully before changing lanes. Motorcycles may be in your blind spots or difficult to see because of their smaller size.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, the attorneys at Kimmel, Carter, Roman, Peltz & O’Neill are here to help. Contact us today at 302-565-6100 for a free review of your case.



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