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How Do You Pay a Personal Injury Attorney?

Percentages may vary from firm-to-firm, with some firms charging 40% or higher. At Kimmel Carter, our attorneys’ only take a 33.33% of client settlements.

For example, if your case is to settle for $50,000, the attorney’s fee would be $20,000 rather than $16,500. Unlike other law firms, Kimmel Carter Only collects 33.33% of your overall settlement regardless of what phase of your case you collect your settlement. Kimmel Carter feels it is important to always have its interests aligned with its clients, and if we increased our attorney fee just by filing suit, we do not feel our interests would always be consistent with our client’s interests. Therefore, our attorney fee remains 33.33% throughout the entire duration of your case.

If you had a contingency fee agreement with an attorney and you switch attorneys before settlement is reached, the original attorney will likely make a quantum meruit claim to collect fees for the hours spend on the case that would be claimed at the time that your case settles. The original attorney will likely claim costs that were expended during the course of the case as well.

Once your attorneys files a lawsuit and has worked the case from conception to trial, you may be faced with very high expenses. Attorneys’ final percentage with all fees, costs, and expenses may far exceed 33.33% of your total settlement. Depending on the attorney fee percentage, expert witness fees, deposition costs, postage, copies, and other additional charges, every cent adds up. Many clients will receive much less than they anticipated out of settlement after the attorney fee, costs, and medical expenses are subtracted from the total settlement. When deciding whether to accept or reject an offer, is important to understand the amount that your will pocket if you settle a case, as the settlement amount may be misleading.

The attorneys of Kimmel Carter make efforts to keep their client expenses as low as possible. Kimmel Carter does not charge clients for initial consultations. Moreover, the attorneys of Kimmel Carter do not charge clients for postage, stamps, or copies. Unlike other Delaware law firms, no matter what phase your case settles, Kimmel Carter does not increase its attorney fee (even if the case goes to trial). We are available to discuss your case on a daily basis, and you will never be charged to meet or speak with you attorney.

When finding an attorney to handle your personal injury case, make sure you understand the attorney fee percentage and how costs will be subtracted out of your final settlement. Thoroughly investigate how your prospective attorney handles his/her settlement fee agreements and his/her client’s cost/expenses. You do not want to be surprised after settlement takes place and learn the hard way.


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