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National Safety Month

The number of traumatic injuries treated in the emergency room nearly doubles during summer. Traumatic Injuries are the leading cause of death for Americans ages 1-40. In the United States, a worker is injured on the job every seven seconds. (National Security Council (NSC), a nonprofit that seeks to eliminate the third-leading cause of death: unintentional and preventable injuries).

Hazard Recognition

In a complex work environment encountered by construction, electric, or metal workers, there is numerous hazards. A hazard is considered anything that could hurt you or anyone else.

Examples of workplace hazards include:

  • Frayed electrical cords (could result in electrical shock)

  • Anything stacked unevenly (items could fall on someone)

  • Faulty machinery (could malfunction)

Work Place Falls

Hazards can be found in any workplace, including construction sites, restaurant kitchens, and office locations. Workplace falls stem from slippery surfaces, uneven flooring, bunched floor mats, and carpeting issues. Sixty-five percent of fall-related injuries occur as a result of falls from same-level walking surfaces. In addition to slippery surfaces caused by snow, ice, and water, a leading cause for same-level falls is transition areas. For example, falls occur during transitions from a concrete sidewalk to a tiled entrance foyer, or carpeted office to an epoxy-coated production floor. Changes in walking surfaces can cause slipping, falling, or tripping. Elevated falls are amongst the most dangerous falls in the workplace. Most common in construction sites, elevated falls involve ladders, trucks, tractors, or falls from loading docks and stairs. Even though these falls are infrequent, they tend to result in catastrophic injuries.

To reduce workplace falls, be cautious to these following hazards:

  • Keep walking surfaces clean and free of clutter

  • Lighting

  • Signage

  • Manage any electrical cords & extension cords

  • Clean up spills immediately

Workplace accidents have proven to be inevitable in any environment. Offices, warehouses, and construction sites have all produced work injuries. With these tips, hopefully some of the more common workplace injuries can be avoided. If you have sustained a workplace injury, contact an attorney at Kimmel Carter to discuss your rights.


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