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Delaware is 3rd in Nation for the Highest Average Number of Nursing Home Deficiencies

The Department of Human Services released its 5 year-long study findings, from 2013 – 2017.

The findings highlight a somber fact: Delaware had one of highest average number of nursing home deficiencies per survey.

About 5,200 nursing homes nationwide (31 percent) had at least 1 repeat deficiency as well. Below, a map shows the states with the highest percentages and states with the lowest percentages of repeat deficiencies. Unfortunately, Delaware is among the highest in this category, following closely behind its neighbors, Maryland and Washington D.C.

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States with the Highest Total Deficiencies

Ten States accounted for half of the deficiencies identified. Ten States accounted for 293,300 (50% of nationwide) deficiencies, identified during surveys from 2013 - 2017. Delaware’s neighbor to the north, Pennsylvania, was number four on this list. The chart below shows this in further detail.

At least half of the nursing homes that experienced a repeat deficiency encountered an incident of a more serious deficiency, including incidents of substandard quality of care, actual harm, and immediate jeopardy to residents. Nursing homes are required to submit a plan of correction to address deficiencies, which includes measures the nursing home will put into place or which systemic changes will be made to ensure that the deficient practice will not reoccur.

Through thorough OIG analysis, it was found that seven of nine State agencies did not always verify nursing homes’ correction of deficiencies as required. Further research suggests that nursing homes may not be properly implementing systemic changes to ensure that deficiencies do not reoccur.

For further reading, please visit:

https://oig.hhs. gov/oas/reports/region9/91802010.pdf

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