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Black Friday Injuries Could Hurt You More Than Your Wallet

As shoppers prepare for Black Friday, there are some eye-opening facts about injuries during Black Friday shopping. According to the Hustle, between 2006 and 2018 there have been over 100 injuries and 11 deaths from Black Friday-related incidents.

How to avoid Black Friday incidents

Stores should be taking preventative measures to ensure the safety of shoppers this Black Friday. Some ways they can do that are:

· Hire extra security guards

· Have employees constantly walking the aisles to check for spills and wet surfaces

· Enforce a maximum capacity to prevent overcrowding and stampedes

The most common injuries sustained during Black Friday are:

· Stampedes

· Shootings

· Car accidents

· Physical Altercations

Which stores do most incidents occur in?

According to the study done by Hustle, 70% of all incidents occur at Walmart.

What should you do if you are injured during Black Friday?

If you are involved in an incident on Black Friday and sustained injuries call Kimmel Carter to set up a free consultation. Gather any possible evidence like security camera footage, eyewitness accounts, and a police/ incident report.

You’ve probably seen the long and crazy lines and people pushing and shoving to try and get access to the best deals on Black Friday. If you are injured during Black Friday call Kimmel Carter and set up your free consultation.



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