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Minority Workplace Deaths have Increased, According to New OSHA Data

The loss of any life, through workplace injury or negligence, is tragic. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has published its report on workplace deaths for the years spanning 2018-2020.

In 2018, nearly 3.5 million workers across all industries, including state and local government, had work-related injuries and illnesses that were reported by employers, with 2.8 million injuries and illnesses reported in private industry. According to OSHA, workplace injuries are severely underreported. It estimates that the real total injuries are double to triple the amount reported. This equivocates to 7.0 million to 10.5 million injuries and illnesses a year. Furthermore, OSHA’s findings show that for 2018, state and local public sector employers had a reported an injury rate of 4.8 per 100 workers, almost double the reported rate of 2.8 per 100 workers among private-sector workers.

Workplace Fatalities increased for Latino and African American Employees

The risk of dying on the job has increased for Black and African American workers.

In 2018:

• The fatality rate for Black and African American workers was 3.6 per 100,000 workers, which was higher than the overall fatality rate 3.5 per 100,000 workers, in the last five years.

• 615 Black and African American workers died on the job, which is a 16% increase from 530 deaths in 2017.

According to OSHA, Latino and immigrant workers’ safety and health has improved over the last decade. However, the risk to these workers still is greater than for others:

• Latino fatalities increased over 30% from 1999-2018

• In 2018, The Latino fatality rate was 3.7 per 100,000 workers, higher than the national average of 3.5 per 1000,000 workers

While numerically number of workers killed is significantly higher, the opposing trends are concerning.

According to OSHA:

• White fatalities have decreased almost 25% from 1999-2018.

Careful consideration of these facts can shed light onto a possibly larger issue within U.S workplaces. Every individual has the right to a safe workplace.

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