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Pedestrian Collision Facts

1) In 2021 there were 6,226 pedestrian fatalities;

2) Over 50% of all pedestrian fatalities happen at night;

3) 75% of all pedestrian collisions happen outside of intersections and crosswalks.

Driving inattentively for seconds can alter the course of our lives. We must be aware of our fellow commuters, on foot or on wheels, to ensure everyone gets to his or her intended destination safely.

Here are some helpful tips for drivers from AAA:

· Make sure your lights are on and you use your signals properly, especially in inclement weather. Use extra caution in these circumstances.

· Follow posted speed limits at all times, especially in areas of heavy pedestrian traffic. Keep this especially in mind when traveling through school zones and neighborhood streets where pedestrians may appear suddenly.

· Be mindful of pedestrians when pulling into and out of driveways, and parking spots. If you have a rearview camera, make good use of it

Pedestrians! Stay Alert – Avoid Distractions:

  • Always be alert when you are crossing the street. Ensure that drivers see you and have stopped. Stay alert and watch out.

  • Put down your phone, which takes your eyes off of the road and distracts your attention.

  • Don’t wear headphones. Your sight and hearing are the two best ways to keep you safe.

Remember – Follow the Rules!

  • Know and follow all traffic rules, signs, and signals. Be aware of the vehicles around you to properly anticipate what drivers will do.

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