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21st Annual Blue-Gold All-Star Basketball

The concept of a Blue-Gold All-Star Basketball Game began in the summer of 1998 when my Dad, Morton Kimmel and a small group of people came together to put the “idea into play”. My dad joined forces with the Delaware Interscholastic Basketball Coaches Association and State, County and City police agencies to bring this idea to fruition. The All-Star Basketball Games have turned into a week-long celebration of high school basketball while simultaneously raising money to benefit our community. It’s hard to believe that was twenty-one years ago! With the help of The Blue-Gold Committee and the Board of Trustees we will be continuing the legacy that my Dad left behind. On March 16, 2019 we hosted the 21st Annual Blue-Gold Basketball Games at the 76ers Fieldhouse in Wilmington, Delaware. My dad’s vision of bringing the fames to a new fieldhouse in Wilmington came to life!

Thank you to everyone who has a hand in making the Blue-Gold week and the Blue-Gold All-Star Basketball Games a huge success. Thanks to the families, sponsors, donors, volunteers, and supporters for allowing us to bring you this premier showcase of talent. Best of luck to our 60 student-athletes with their future endeavors!


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