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Celebrating Blue-Gold Basketball

For over 20 years, The Blue-Gold All-Star Basketball Games highlight the top 30 male and 30 female senior basketball players, representing upstate and downstate Delaware. It is with a sense of responsibility to protect the health of students, families, and coaches that DIAA and Kimmel Carter made the decision to forego the 23rd annual Blue-Gold All-Star Basketball Games and the week of educational experiences leading up to the event.

Fun and educational experiences are an integral part of the Blue-Gold Games. These experiences include Dover Day, which provides an opportunity for students to learn about law by a Superior Court Judge, and be announced on the Legislative Floor during a live House of Representatives Session. The fun continues, as students spend time with Governor John Carney, and enjoy lunch with the Delaware Attorney General. The Blue-Gold Basketball Sports Banquet allows each student-athlete and their family to celebrate their accomplishments and receive their awards.

While we have foregone the Blue-Gold All-Star Basketball Games this year, Kimmel Carter still wants to highlight the remarkable DIAA championship teams and celebrate their success! Congratulations to the Sanford Boys Basketball Team and the St. Elizabeth’s Girls Basketball Team for winning the State Championships! May all the players feel a sense of accomplishment and pride for their success – it was hard fought and well-deserved.

Kimmel Carter is hopeful and excited to honor these remarkable student-athletes and provide them with opportunities to learn about law and celebrate their athletic success with Dover Day and the Sports Banquet in 2022. Despite no All-Star games, Kimmel Carter still supports the game beneficiary Cancer Care Connection, which offers emotional comfort and coping techniques for those affected by this cancer.



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