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Kimmel Carter Supports the YWCA

For International Women’s Day, Kimmel Carter is proud to support the Delaware YWCA.

Established in Delaware in 1895 as a voice for women’s issues, YWCA Delaware continues to evolve to meet today’s challenges in eliminating racism and empowering women. The YWCA works tirelessly for women and people of color, improving lives and strengthening communities.

YWCA Delaware is the leading organization for social change and is widely recognized as the highly effective, inclusive and uplifting force that empowers women to achieve their full social and economic potential.

The YWCA provides resources for economic empowerment, housing options, domestic violence and sexual assault support, and youth development in Delaware. To learn more visit

Kimmel Carter is honored to support women in our community, especially survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse. Kimmel Carter is fully committed to supporting the YWCA, an organization with a long history of uplifting women in our Delaware Community.


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